Clear Cafe Ubud
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8 Jalan Hanoman, Kecamatan Ubud, Bali 80571
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Clear Cafe Ubud very passionate about food. We’re very passionate about healthy living. And we want to share these two passions together. We believe that just because something is healthy doesn’t mean it shouldn’t taste good.

So we make healthy food fun, we make eating healthy fun. We are primarily a vegan and vegetarian restaurant but we also offer pescatarian options because we want to have options for everyone. Clear Food is not just good food, it’s food that is good for you and good to you.

Our Philosophy

There is energy in everything. There is energy in cooking. There is energy in eating and drinking. There’s an exchange in energy between farmers who grow our ingredients, our chefs and crew who make our food, our servers, our team, and our guests.

Clear Cafe wants to make sure that that energy is positive and warm. We enjoy the echoes of chatter and laughter in our spaces. We light frankincense twice a day just to cleanse the energy and make room for new energy.

Our Goals

We want Clear Cafe to be everywhere. We want our family to grow. We want to continue to make connections with similar-minded people who believe in conscious-business and conscious-living.

Clear Cafe Ubud Family

Clear Cafe Ubud is a family. The Clear Cafe family is made up of fun, honest, wholesome, heart-centered people. Clear Cafe continues to exist because it is a family, it is people who support Clear, who share our values, who are our guests and patrons. This family has quite literally funded the foundations of Clear Cafe


Clear Cafe’s main ethos is that we are “by the people for the people”. Clear is more than just a “conscious business”, we are a community. Without community, people are lost. They have no support. They don’t have a goal. They don’t have a purpose. Our purpose is to promote fairness.

An unparalleled fairness in this day and age. We provide our guests with an exquisite experience at very reasonable prices.

Clear was built with its community in mind. We’re very proud to say we use all-natural ingredients from local sources; this is our way of reciprocating the love and support we receive from our community. When you come into Clear and you eat our food, you are also supporting our farmers, you also become a member of the Clear community.


At Clear Cafe Ubud, we believe that food is medicine. Health is the most important aspect of one’s being. We want to encourage people to be more conscious of what they put in their body. We want them to know that when they are at Clear Cafe, they are giving their body what it needs, they’re giving their body well-deserved sustenance. We also approach wellness holistically, which is why we will soon be launching our own apothecaries and wellness centers.


Clear Cafe is dedicated to design. Clear Cafe wants to create a space that inspires people and makes them excited to be there. But more importantly, the Clear Cafe spaces are designed to be a home. Our spaces have open floors, generous sunlight, plenty of greenery, and different seating options because we want everyone who comes to Clear to be as comfortable as possible.

The Clear Cafe Ubud spaces are also designed to keep our guests from the chaos of the world outside, thus, the signature Clear Cafe portals. It is quite literally entering the Clear Cafe space, of entering home.