Desa Visesa Ubud
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99 Jalan Suweta, Ubud, Bali 80571
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Desa Visesa Ubud is unlike any holiday experience you’ve ever encountered before. Ancient traditions and practices that foster peace and good will in every Balinese community form part of everyday life, combining seamlessly with all the many luxury conveniences and comforts discerning travelers expect from a Resort ranked among the world’s best.

Traditionally dressed staff and management embrace guests as members of their family. Permaculture gardens inside the confines of the Desa Visesa are open classrooms where sustainability is taught – growing food that nourishes both staff and guests. Farmers tend flocks of ducks parading in single file to and from the Resort’s rice fields.

Fine International cuisine prepared by talented chefs combined with outstanding Balinese fare is served with flair in four noteworthy dining outlets. Hand-carved Balinese architectural ornamentation accent the Resort’s public areas, deluxe accommodation, and private villas. Visiting children become cherished companions of mindful and adoring staff, just as they would in any Balinese village.

66 elegantly appointed villas and 40 suites lightly occupy a 6.5 hectare site of winding pathways, productive gardens, and brisk-flowing irrigation canals. Stop to chat and photograph womenfolk preparing ritual offerings, children engaged in dance and music practice, a traditional healer interpreting ancient remedial drawings, and farmers tending their fields and flocks.

Ubud derives its name from a local term for “medicine” and “healing” – reflecting the area’s reputation as a place where geographical and human chakras merge – revitalizing both the spirit and the body of all who stop to linger a while. Over the centuries, Ubud has become known as a traditional gathering place for creative thinkers, iconoclastic artists, and intellectual innovators who gather in Ubud.

To this day, newcomers from both near and far flock to Ubud where they are assured a warm welcome and an enthusiastic acceptance in keeping with the community’s well-deserved Avant grade reputation in artistic, cultural, and culinary pursuits.

Ubud spoils and surround its visitors with endless choices: Majestic volcanoes, ancient temples, white water rafting excursions, elephant safaris, relaxed bicycle rides down winding village paths, royal palaces, countless dancers and musicians, sacred baths, world class dining, art galleries, museums, and tempting shopping venues.

Surrounded by so much temptation, most people discover the only thing they don’t want to do in Bali is to leave.