Ubud Art Market
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35 Jalan Raya Ubud, Kecamatan Ubud, Bali 80571

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The Ubud Art Market is the most popular tourist market in Bali. You will find everything you need in the organised chaos of hippie village, Ubud.


At Ubud Art Market, you can find beautiful silk scarves, handmade woven bags, baskets or hats and many other hand-crafted goods.

If you’re on holiday in Bali, the Ubud Art Market is a great place to shop for souvenirs to take home. The items sold are very unique because they are typically Balinese, and some are unavailable elsewhere. They are locally made from all the neighbouring towns, so this makes those souvenirs all the more special. It is the artistic central region of the island so you can find all the best handmade goods here.


If you value your time and money, you should go to the market when it first opens so you can get your shopping done before the tourist rush begins around 10am. You can get better prices if you’re the first buyers of the day. We visited at around 3pm and it was absolutely hectic.

If you stop at a stall to check something out, don’t mistake the sellers persistence for aggression. They’re just trying to keep you interested for as long as possible. They believe it’s a selling tactic, however you may think otherwise. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed with the constant bartering, you can play the game too. Get involved and negotiate them down to the price you want when you find something you fall in love with.

The Monkey Forest is just a kilometre down the road, so be sure to visit BEFORE you head to the markets. You don’t want the monkeys to steal your purchases.